FoMRHI: Fomrhi 158

Quarterly No. 158, August 2022

2181 ‘Harpsichord’ for sale: a mysterious musical instrument, by Stuart Walsh
2182 A 20th Century Mario Maccaferri plastic ukulele / tremolo-‘Hurdy-Gurdy’ by SELCOL. Restoration and conservation, by Chris Egerton
2183 Recreating a Pepys Recorder, a project of the Worshipful Company of Turners, by Matthew Gaved
2184 Making sense of mediaeval plectrum instruments: citole, gittern and koboz; is the Elblag gittern really a koboz? by Ian Pittaway
2185 An examination of an ivory flute in the Danish Music Museum, MMCCS E 142 signed A. Grenser, by Mogens Friis