FoMRHI: Fomrhi 155

Quarterly No. 155, October 2021

2161 Equal temperament fret position determination using a Sector, by Chris Egerton
2162 A Resourceful Lockdown: The 2020 Experience of Restoring Harpsichords Built in the 1980s, by Alexander Rosenblatt
2163 Capirola’s lute strings, including a reply to articles to FoMRHI Comm 2151 and articles in Lute News, by Chris J. Coakley
2164 Equal temperament fret position determination using proportional dividers,by Chris Egerton
2165 Fingerboard geometry - further comments on Comms 2143 and 2153, by Adrian Geisow
2166 Measuring Presence: handling ambiguity and uncertainty in iconographic survey, by Barry Pearce
2167 Viol fingerboards: a response to Comm 2153, by Thomas Munck
2168 The ‘plucked giga’: a medieval musical mystery, by Ian Pittaway