FoMRHI: Fomrhi 154

Quarterly No. 154, July 2021

2153 Viol fingerboards, a response to Comm 2143, by David van Edwards
2154 A Parametric Design Tool for Making a Family of Lute Pegboxes, by Luke Emmet
2155 Query about a lime and cheese-based mediaeval glue recipe, by Andrew Atkinson
2156 Errata in Comm 2138 The Bandora Today. Q 151, October 2020, by Peter Forrester
2157 A Fragment of a Fake Franciolini lute, by Luke Emmet
2158 An Anonymous British Square Piano, by Laurence Libin
2159 Two recorders in g, by Jan Bouterse
2160 A Bøhm flute from Aarhus? by Mogens Friis