FoMRHI: Fomrhi 153

Quarterly No. 153, April 2021

2146 Some thoughts on the nomenclature of enharmonics, by Walt Sweet
2147 The Australian ‘first fleet’ piano, Frederick Beck (1780); a research project by Paul Tunzi
2148 A Bell-Harp or English-Harp: conservation and/or restoration (?) by Chris Egerton
2149 Confirmation of the Bassanos’ maker’s mark, by David Lasocki
2150 An interesting recent CD: Sones Medievales, Musicantes, Dulcimer Songs DCM 2107, by Paul Fowles
2151 Vincenzo Capirola and the taper of gut strings: practical tests and results, by Mimmo Peruffo
2152 Joachim Andersen and the Böhm Flute Mogens Friis