FoMRHI: Fomrhi 134

Quarterly No. 134, May 2016

2046 An attempt to reconstruct the bagpipes depicted in Peter Breughel
the Elder’s Peasants’ Wedding Eric Franklin 4
2047 The oldest Hummel (a folk instrument) from Germany identified Wilfried Ulrich 9
2048 Further to Comms 1944 and 1948 – Napoleon and a Seven Course Oud
An Update John Downing 16
2049 A musical passage from Hamlet, act II, scene 3 David Z Crookes 19
2050 Inferring the placement of a bardic school in 13th to 15th century
Lennox, Scotland, through harp wood types Andrew J. Bull 24
2051 Nickel plating brass keys Jim Lynham 28
2052 Vacuum and pressure oil treatment of wood Julian Goodacre 29
2053 Making woodwind instruments 5a: Ivory and natural ivory substitutes Jan Bouterse 32
2054 Making woodwind instruments 5b: Artificial ivory Jan Bouterse 38