FoMRHI: Fomrhi 131

FoMRHI Bulletin 131

; including a selected list of recorder publications by Anthony Rowland-Jones (books & articles). [Bulletin] author: Goodwin
2030: Making Woodwind instruments: 1 Introduction. author: Bouterse
2031: Making Woodwind instruments: 2a Measuring. author: Bouterse
2032: Making woodwind instruments: 2b Internal dimensions. author: Bouterse
2033: The first known stringing table for baroque lute?; Oxford Bodleian MS Mus.Sch.G.621. author: Schlegel
2034: Oxford Bodleian MS Mus.Sch.G.621, how long's a piece of string?. author: Corran
2035: The Bodleian baroque lute stringing chart: a stringmaker's view. author: Dlugolecki
2036: Analysis of the Bodlein baroque lute stringing chart. author: Coakley
2037: Further to C-2027 regarding the colascione, calascione, colachon, gallichon . . .. author: Hodgson