FoMRHI: Fomrhi 130

FoMRHI Bulletin 130

Cambridge Woowind Makers - repair and care courses. [Bulletin] author: Goodwin
2023: R Wyne descant recorder (Morgan drawing) - rescaled. author: Lynham
2024: Eradicating woodworm and other pests from musical instruments; chemical, heat, cold, radiation, anoxia, alternatives. author: Egerton
2025: Secondary floating-bridges regulate playing action and scale-length on Lyre guitars and other instruments. author: Egerton
2026: Stringmaking in 18th century Newcastle. author: Atkinson
2027: In search of the Colascione or Neapolitan tiorba - a missing link. author: Downing
2028: The harmonic cornu. author: Holmes
2029: The European Music Archaeology Project. author: Holmes