FoMRHI: Fomrhi 126

FoMRHI Bulletin 126

C-2000: The oboes of Richters: about methods of research in woodwind instruments - part 1 checking source material; the Richters family - a summary, maker' marks of Richters, the instruments and their colections, the oboes by Hendrik, Frederik I 7 II Richters, unstamped oboes. author: Henning
C-2001: Lute metrology and the 'Venetian Inch' - all fingers and thumbs? - part 1; some further thoughts and observations following C-1952. author: Downing
C-2002: The trammel of Archimedes - a draughting tool for 16th century Venetian lute makers?. author: Downing
C-2003: A triangular spinet of an unknown Italian maker - part 2; collation of metallurgical specifications of strings of different origin (prof. G. Wolf & L. Calliari, prof. G. Podda, other techniques. author: Tiella
C-2004: Glagget's patent tuning-key, or how the industrial revolution might not have happened; letters from Clagget to James Watt (~1765). author: Barlow
C-2005: Early music: beauty in history?. author: Segerman
C-2006: Early double bass iconography - response to C-1995. author: Segerman
C-2007: How did the Babylonians give someone an A? - response to C-1996. author: Segerman
Communication 2000!, new constitution, more members please, JSTOR - free content, course on the genesis of the modern piano. [Bulletin] author: Goodwin                                                          John Downing  49