FoMRHI: Fomrhi 121

FoMRHI Bulletin 121

1960  The authenticity of colours                                                              Susanne Heinrich    5
1961   Albrecht Dürer and the Shape of a Lute – Egg or Ellipse?                  John Downing    7
1962   Comm 1956 and the 'Ambassadors' Lute  some Observations 
           and Comment                                                                                   John Downing    15
1963   Scorched Guitar Soundboards?                                                         John Downing    19
1964   A few common-sense expedients for players and makers. How 
	should you constitute an early music consort of thirty players?   David Z Crookes     27
1965   A decorous text for ‘Watkins Ale’                                                David Z Crookes     29
1966   Castaldi’s Practice Room: Onomatopoeic Echoes 
          (after Comms 1932, 1947)                                                                  David Dolata     31
1967   The Ashmolean festoon bass viol reconsidered                              Thomas Munck     35
1968   The organ and the organistrum, plus a possible key mechanism
           of the box symphony                                                                Ephraim Segerman    37 
1969   The lute and the case for double frets	Tim Watson   39
1970   Buffalo horn, a versatile, carbon neutral material                                 Eric Franklin   47