FoMRHI: Fomrhi 119


FoMRHI Bulletin 119

1942	‘Caveat Emptor’, some thoughts relating to Comms 1939 and 1941	   Eric Franklin     3
1943	Catgut, some comments			                           John Catch        5
1944	Napoleon and a seven-course oud			                   John Downing   6
1945	A mediaeval oud, Ikhwan al-Safa and the ‘Pythagoras of Ulm’ lute   John Downing 17
1946	Volumes of different kinds of double reeds	                   M. van der Most 23
1947	One more instance of musical onomataopoeia,
	 further to Comm 1932	                                           Chris Goodwin  27
1948	The Brussels #0164 Oud case and 16th C lute case design		   John Downing  28   
1949	Pitch relativity in the renaissance and the sizes of 
	fiddles and viols                                                  Ephraim Segerman  31
1950	A fixture for cutting windways on a metal-working lathe	 	   Sid Jones   33
1951	The story of Giuseppe Fiorini – appeal for assistance	           Roberto Regazzi  40   
1952	The guitar and Praetorius’ finger                                  John Downing  41

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