FoMRHI: Fomrhi 117


FoMRHI Bulletin 117

1916    A geometrical analysis of an old Nahat oud                          John Downing   7
1917    Silk strings - making sense of the historical data, part 1          John Downing 12
1918    Questions about the origin of the curtal and the bassoon            M van der Most  15
1919    A comparison of oud and lute geometries - a 16th 
          century lute by Giovane Hieber                                    John Downing  17
1920    Early clarinet iconography                                          Albert R. Rice  19
1921    A comparison of oud and lute geometries - the 17th 
        century 'Cleveland Tiorbino'                                        John Downing  22
1922    Towards an affordable South African recorder                        Sid Jones  24
1923    Workshop idea: shaped file, e.g. for cutting windways               Barry Lloyd  26
1924    Further to Comm. 1004, The Sorduen-Bas                              Barry Lloyd  27
1925    Review: Stradivari by Stewart Pollens (C.U.P. 2010)                 Ephraim Segerman  28
1926    Three Broadwood pianos spanning one decade                          Chris Barlow  35
1927    Help needed regarding stuck bassoon tenons                          David Rachor  39
1928    Danger of spontaneous combustion using linseed oil                  Rick Damon  41

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