FoMRHI: Fomrhi 116

FoMRHI Bulletin 116

1907	Lute pegs from Holbein’s Ambassadors Portrait		        	Eric Franklin   5
1908	Clarinets are older than you think: a reply to Comm 1092		Uta Henning   7
1909	Early keyboards in Israel: reportage from the field	                Alexander Rosenblatt   8
1910	Bressan alto recorders: pitch and sound; and some tips to make a copy	Jan Bouterse  15
1911	‘Pythagoras of Ulm’ and the geometry of a 19th century oud		John Downing  25
1912	Templates for grinding tools on a bench grinder			        M van der Most  31
1913	Hie Folget ein Welsche Tanz?			                        John Downing  34
1914	A lute pet retrofit with ‘silver’ inlays			        John Downing  35
1915	An Italian harpsichord rebuilt as a tangent piano			Marco Tiella  38