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Standing call for papers / Invitation to Join

The Fellowship of Makers and Researchers of Historical Instruments, founded in 1975, is a lively forum organisation for those interested in historical musical instruments. Its principal publication, FoRMHI Quarterly, in handy A5 format, welcomes papers on all aspects the history and making of historical musical instruments – from the ancient Coptic sistrum to Beethoven’s piano. To see how varied the contents of FoMRHI Quarterly are, click on 'communications' where the contents of back issues are listed.

For instructions how to join, go to the membership page.

If you want to share the fruits of your experience or research, or simply to ask a question of other enthusiasts, why not submit a paper?

Communications or ‘Comms’ as they are called, appear promptly, within a maximum of three months, and unedited, so please send them EXACTLY as you wish them to appear – in 12 point type, as an A4 sized document with a 25mm or 1 inch border all round, or to put it another way, if you are using non-European paper sizes, then the text area must be 160 x 246 mm (or at least no wider or longer than this). Our printers usually make a reasonably good job of scanning photos.

Please send contributions as a Word-compatible or PDF attachment to the secretary. If you really do not have access to a word processor of any kind, we may be able to retype handwritten submissions, sent to the address above.

Non-members will be given a year's free subscription if they send in a Communication to the Quarterly.

Back issues of the Quarterly are downloadable from this website. You can also obtain paper copies of any back issues for the princely sum of £4 / 4 Euros / US $6 per issue, including postage anywhere in the world; send a cheque payable to FoMRHI, at the above address, or write with your credit card details, or contact the secretary for details of how to pay by Paypal or bank transfer.

FoMRHI produces a quarterly publication of communications from members. Send your communications to the secretary.


Please give a little something if you are not a subscriber but have used or printed off Communications

FoMRHI relies on its members' subscriptions to cover its running costs, such as this website. If you are not a member of FoMRHI, but you are enjoying and benefiting from the back catalogue of communications, please consider making a donation to FoMRHI:

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Contact the secretary

The Secretary, Christopher Goodwin
3 Dolcey Way,
Bedfordshire, MK44 1LE
United Kingdom

Tel: (+44/0)1483 202159 / (++44/0)7510 254106

Praetorius Syntagma Musicum image courtesy of Wikipedia